Fighting the Wrong Enemy: A Combat Veteran’s Perspective on January 6th

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  • Instigating an insurrection is a way to tighten the grip of tyranny, not protect from it. Yet, some folks in this country are in complete, gross denial about that.

    Indeed, the American people are divided just on whether or not the previous administration tried to derail the peaceful transfer of power that’s been an integral part of our democracy since well forever. Those who support the former president are unwilling to accept the truth of the situation and it is incredibly dangerous. 

    While they’re busy throwing a fit about differences of opinion, they’re entirely missing the damn point.

    As a combat veteran, that’s probably the biggest problem I keep noticing over and over again, especially as I watch and listen to the information laid out in these January 6th hearings currently being conducted. The failure is not the hearings themselves, but that of those who refuse to be open, to listen and hear what is being clearly presented, and it’s impeding us from getting to a proper resolution to the unprecedented situation that both legitimately threatened our democracy and continues to have a ripple effect throughout our politics all this time later.

    The end result: a petulant back-and-forth narrative that’s totally distracting from the severity of January 6th and the temperatures of our nation’s reaction to it.

    The fact of the matter is what transpired on that day was a threat to our country unlike anything I’ve seen before. And it all boils down to the whims of one man’s distorted view of reality and the twisted, blind loyalties of his many ignorant, but dedicated followers. 

    Scary, right?

    Just as concerning and frightening, however, is that this very ignorance has people rejecting video evidence and downplaying factual information about the severity of January 6th, instead writing it off as “not that violent,” or falsely claiming that the bloodshed on the grounds of our capitol was merely a peaceful protest.

    This has continually been used as proof that there was no real harm done. But it’s not true not only in regard to the insurrection’s direct impact, but in how it has influenced our attitudes and viewpoints since.

    People are rejecting reality simply for their uneducated hate of a perceived enemy that has been labeled the Democratic Party, or anybody that supports common sense discourse. Critical thinking and real logic are in terribly short supply, and we’re now left in a position where a swath of people cannot comprehend any credible information other than a personal opinion based on biases and short-sighted thought. 

    People have lost sanctity and respect for one another, for the truth, and for accountability the main characteristics of any good soldier, leaving our foes happily watching as we eat away at the fabric of our ideals from the inside out. 

    So, basically, it seems like we’re further away from uncovering the full extent of the truth than ever. Despite all the hearings, all the voices desperately trying to raise above the racket and guide us back to sense, the bitter truth is that we’re more lost than ever. 

    Everybody wants to be right, but nobody wants to do what’s right.

    And, meanwhile, those who try are overshadowed by the loud rhetoric that would have any soldier killed in combat. 

    We’re fighting the wrong enemy here and it’s doing nothing but leaving us all behind in the end. 

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