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New podcast launch:
Wise Words & Whisky with Wylie McGraw

Readying for Retirement at 30: Dumping The Gen Z Attitude for Gen X Success with Alex Chrusciel

To those of you younger corporate leaders or entrepreneurs who want more freedom within your challenging career, it’s going to require altering your mindset, attitude, and priorities to accomplish this goal. Today I’m letting you in on the very principles that transform the limiting beliefs of FOMO and YOLO into sustainable, long-term success with my guest, Business Systems and Analytics Manager, Alex Chrusciel. And I’ll tell you right now it’s not as hard as you might think if you’re willing to play the long game. Our conversation uncovers how Alex hit a point in his life where he felt remorse and stuck going through the motions, and how that drove him to find the growth trajectory he craved. Join us as we sip The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 with a SPLASH of water and dig into the insights you need to know about that will ultimately accelerate you towards your loftiest of goals, in a shorter period of time than expected.

In this episode:
There are worse things than having only one good parent, and that’s having two horrible ones. Be grateful for the people who have been great support systems for you because others aren’t quite so lucky.
See your circumstances for the good they possess rather than for only how they can be limiting
Struggle and difficulty aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Adversity will impact you in a positive way, but you have to be willing to look at it from a different perspective.
There are few things more powerful than someone feeling like they have nothing left to lose. What goal would you attempt if you knew for a fact that this was your make-or-break moment?
People become comfortable with the devil they know versus the devil they don’t. However, while it can feel better to deal with known difficulties than new ones, sometimes you just have to make the plunge into the unknown in order to grow, comfort be damne
Don’t let your life circumstances decide your fate. You are the one who controls your choices, so you -- not destiny, not happenstance, not bad luck -- are also ultimately the one that chooses whether you succeed or fail.
What if a mental illness is not a genetic mutation but an amazing evolutionary adaptation? What if it’s actually mental ableness your peers cannot touch?
Don’t forget: every disability also comes with an ability. Rather than lamenting how your mental health makes certain situations harder, celebrate (and accentuate) the ways it can actually serve as a strength.

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