Kick back, pour yourself a nice dram of whisky, and let’s settle you in for some low-key conversations on high-performance living. Wise Words & Whisky is for the entrepreneur, CEO, leader, executive, and business owner who’s dedicated to pushing themselves beyond their limits, but also needs a break from the hustle and grind.

Your host, Wylie McGraw, is a former star athlete, competitive bull rider, and 3-tour combat veteran, turned whisky enthusiast.  Here, Wylie distills down the behind-the-scenes work he’s been doing for over a decade with celebrities, pro athletes, millionaires, and billionaires alike, and helps you uncover how you can benefit from those insights and lessons learned along the way.  Accompanied by a stiff pour of premium whisky, Wylie and his guests are delivering new insights for better living, enhanced personal freedom, and how to attain peace with success.




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Confined In the Abyss: The Leadership Philosophies Of A Cold War Nuclear Submarine Officer, with Jon Rennie

For those of you who have ever felt constricted by your leadership abilities, this conversation might be just what you need to discover strength where you’ve only ever seen limitations. Today, with the help of my guest, CEO of Peak Demand Inc. Jon Rennie, I’ll bring you into a world where confinement gave birth to tighter team function and optimal leadership. And I’ll tell you right now, it’s pretty enlightening. Our conversation reveals how Jon’s humble beginnings molded his teamwork spirit, turning him into a successful Cold War Naval Officer who thrived in small spaces under immense pressure, and later, a businessman capable of running several successful companies. Join us as we sip The Old Forester Original Batch NEAT and dig into the insights that can help you develop a more successful, sustainable leadership style, regardless of what restrictions you may find yourself encountering.

Wise Words from this episode:
To what degree has your ego infiltrated your leadership and management style? Can you even tell? If you’re struggling to pin this down, objectively look at how you react to feedback from subordinates - it’s a great measuring tool!

Readying for Retirement at 30: Dumping The Gen Z Attitude for Gen X Success, with Alex Chrusciel

To those of you who are younger corporate leaders or entrepreneurs that want more freedom within your challenging career, just know it’s going to require altering your mindset, attitude, and priorities to accomplish this goal. Today, with the help of my guest, Business Systems and Analytics Manager Alex Chrusciel, I’ll share the very principles that transform the limiting beliefs of FOMO and YOLO into sustainable, long-term success. Trust me, though, it’s not as hard as you might think - at least, as long as you’re willing to play the long game. Our conversation uncovers how Alex hit a point in his life where he felt stuck going through the motions, remorseful of where he’d ended up, and how that drove him to find the growth he craved. Join us as we sip The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 with a SPLASH of water and dig into the insights you need to know to propel yourself towards even your loftiest, most ambitious of goals and within a shorter period of time than you’d ever expect.

Wise Words from this episode:
It’s no secret that adulting can suck. But committing to it - prioritizing your personal growth, professional development, work, and play - is the only way to level-up your life in a holistic, balanced way.

Street Doctors: Relentless Commitment to Chaos with Paramedic, Tylor Gilbert

If you’re the type of high achiever who runs towards life’s most arduous moments, that means your leadership is innate - you’ve been blessed with the ability to thrive in any environment. Today, together with my guest, Paramedic Tylor Gilbert, I’ll be introducing you how his selfless mindset relentlessly focused on service to others has ultimately allowed him to experience a more optimal, fulfilling lifestyle. I’ll tell you right now, it’s respectable and refreshing to see. Our conversation uncovers how Tylor innately knew being fulfilled in life would only be possible through the pursuit of caring for others in their darkest moments, further demonstrating that commitment and care really does make the world a better place. Join us as we sip The Glendronach Original 12 with a SPLASH of water and dig into the insights that’ll show you just how relentless altruism can empower the lives of others while completely changing your own.

Wise Words from this episode:
“If not me, then who?” Sometimes it takes this type of mindset to push you into the situations or environments necessary to break down limiting beliefs and break through personal barriers.

Successful Failure: Getting Fired From Selling Hair Plugs Made Me A Great Podcaster with Brand Architect, Jason Cercone

To those of you who’ve been suddenly and surprisingly forced to take a different path in life, here’s an opportunity to see this change as the right step towards the life you’re meant to build. Today, with the help of my guest, Evolution of Brand Founder Jason Cercone, I’ll share a story where a successful corporate job abruptly ends only to positively transform a side hustle passion. And I’ll tell you right now; it should resonate with you. Our conversation uncovers how Jason’s mindset, emotions, and attitude allowed him to quickly adapt to the shock of suddenly losing a job he was thriving in, and, in turn, unveil where he was meant to channel his entrepreneurial spirit. Join us as we sip the Glendronach Original 12 NEAT and dig into the insights you need to know to prepare yourself for the winds of change you’ll undoubtedly face on your quest for ultimate satisfaction and success.

Wise Words from this episode:
You’ll never know how to best take the next step until you’re good with fucking up the one before it.

Suicide is a Laughing Matter: Why Mental Health Disorders are a Gift with Comedian, Frank King

To those of you who want a more rewarding life but have been told the way in which you think is “not normal”, it’s time for you to discover there’s another side of mental health — one that can help you achieve your goals. Today, with the help of former Tonight Show Writer Frank King, I share a story where thoughts of suicide actually ended up being more of a blessing and less of a curse, fueling a fearless desire to show the world how mental health issues can actually be valuable and not just detrimental. Our conversation uncovers how Frank embraced his inherited thoughts of suicide as a gift and used his innate comedic genius to not only create a successful, fulfilling life for himself, but also teach others like him how they can do it for themselves. Join us as we sip The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 NEAT and dig into the insights that might just help alter your mindset enough to take bigger risks and finally live like you’ve got nothing to lose.

Wise Words from this episode:
What if a mental illness is not a genetic mutation but an amazing evolutionary adaptation? What if it’s actually mental ableness your peers cannot touch?

4-Year-Old Face Plant: A Life-altering Rodeo Experience Determined My Path to Success with “Mr. YouTube”, David Walsh

If you’re the type of high achiever who wants to blow past your own limits, embracing fear is the only way to accomplish this feat. Today, with the help of my guest, YouTube Marketing Expert David Walsh, I’ll be introducing you to an intense challenge and how this type of experience activates deeper potential. And I’ll tell you; it involves blood, sweat, and - not tears - but laughter. Our conversation uncovers how David realized charging toward challenges and opportunities for the experience rather than the result is where the magic lies in shattering personal limits. Join us as we sip the classic Jameson Irish Whiskey NEAT and dig into the insights you need to know to guide yourself through the right unknowns for higher levels of success.

Wise Words from this episode:
Think back to all the childlike, fearless pursuits you once chased after. What did you step towards without fear or consideration of consequence, and how does that compare to what you’re doing now?

How Walking into Flames Kept Me from Burnout: Life Lessons from Former Hotshot Firefighter, Scott Mulvaney

For those of you who want satisfaction with your success, it’s imperative to know who you are, what you stand for, and the type of environment you require to keep your energy consistently elevated. Today I’m exposing the type of standards and values that make this all possible with my guest, LIVETHEFUEL Founder, Scott W. Mulvaney. And I’ll tell you they’re simple, but very demanding. Our conversation uncovers Scott’s secret to an endless fuel source that he channels into his very successful health, business, and lifestyle brand. Join us as we sip The Balvenie Doublewood 12 ON THE ROCKS and dig into the insights you need to know about so you can tap into your own endless energy source.

Wise Words from this episode:
Conveniences are the natural enemy to high performance. Eliminate most of them and you’ll be amazed at how you rise to the occasion.

Aging in Reverse: The Secrets of Staying Youthful in Extremely Stressful Situations, with Greg Krino

To those of you in positions of high responsibility, I know you often find yourself stressed out, which can leave you feeling - and even looking - older than you really are. Today, with some help from my guest and former Air Force A10 Fighter Pilot, Greg Krino, I’ll be letting you in on certain “secrets” that can help you reverse this aging process. And I’ll tell you; it’s not what you expect. Our conversation uncovers how Greg is able to look so young for his age despite working not one but three of the most stressful jobs in the world. Join us as we sip The Balvenie Doublewood 12 NEAT and dig into the insights that can spark a little more youthfulness into your own life.

Wise Words from this episode:
Recognize that the tendency to want to “win” and “dominate” at all costs means you’re likely covering up some sort of personal inadequacy that’s hampering your personal power. You need to address this head on.

A Choice in Death: How Carrying My Mother’s Dead Body Forced Me to Find Purpose, with Jeff Wickersham

If you’re someone who wants to live as your best self, you should know that it requires intense, challenging, often scary experiences to discover what it takes to achieve this state. Today, I share a story that echoes this truth – one where a moment of facing death unleashed a renewed sense of leadership, purpose, and success in my guest, Peak Performance Coach Jeff Wickersham. And I’ll tell you; it’s pretty heavy and revealing. Our conversation uncovers the arduous choice Jeff was forced to make with his mother’s death, ultimately igniting his fire for life and giving him a newfound purpose. Join us as we sip The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 with a SPLASH of water and dig into the insights you need to know to spark more purpose and passion in your own life.

Wise Words from this episode:
Learning something without putting it into practice isn’t personal growth, it’s wasted time.

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