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leaders who want to optimize their performance and experience peace and freedom with their success.


I’ve worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and other C-suite executives, hedge fund teams, bestselling authors, public figures, athletes, and other prominent thought leaders across industries.

Every single one of them would tell you the exact same thing:

“Working with Wylie will be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but the most unforgettable and rewarding”

Other coaches and consultants may have helped you get to where you are today, but I’ll take you beyond that.

About us


“His methods are intense and often unconventional –
but, ALWAYS effective.”

– CEO Public Figure, Digital Marketing

For more than a decade, I’ve been behind
the scenes ERUPTING high-achievers
from all walks of life.

My path began with fellow combat veterans who were struggling with PTSD
while trying to transition back into civilian life.

My success with them led to working with various health professionals, high-powered executives, professional athletes, celebrities, and influencers.

As referrals continued to mount, I felt it was time to make myself more accessible to other leaders looking for – and asking about – similar next-level performance.

Today, I work intimately with a select group of clientele who are willing to do whatever it takes to blow past their limits and master their lives.

Leaders call me because they want their life back!

They crave true peace and freedom with their successes, and frankly, they’re sick and tired of wasting tons of time and money on other high-level resources that can’t get the job done.


Even executives and leaders associated with some of the biggest brands in the world can hit a wall.
You can try to break it down yourself, or we can run through it together.

Here’s what led me to become the man I am today and how my experiences and training are put to work for you.


“Performing as a star pitcher carried enormous pressure. I had an arm that delivered speeds in the mid 80s, and my pro coaches pushed every ounce of my talent to the brink, year after year…”

-Wylie McGraw / Star Baseball Pitcher

  • Much like sports, today’s professional culture teaches us that total focus on one specific skill set is necessary for success. But, nothing could be further from the truth. It limits you and sabotages your ability to reach your FULL potential.
  • I will expose why you’re so laser-focused on one aspect of your life, ignoring or overlooking every other area to your own detriment. We will eradicate the imbalance. And with that awareness and subsequent transformation, you will revive your performance and accelerate your results.



“As I stepped into that wild unknown to garner more control and power over my life, the result was an unleashing of my own inner beast that matched the wildness of being a Bull Rider.”

-Wylie McGraw / Competitive Bull Rider

  • You need to be pushed beyond the comforts responsible for your perceived limits to achieve mastery over yourself. 
  • You need unencumbered confidence in the unknown. A willingness to face potential loss and still come out on top stems from fearless decision-making outside your comfort zone. 
  • Getting unleashed is the only true means of reaching your fullest potential.

“Whether it was handling a firefight during combat ops or leading a covert mission… these were the leadership lessons I could never cultivate in a classroom or boardroom.”

-Wylie McGraw / Combat Infantry Leader

  • You will understand the true nature of your stress, where it comes from, and how it affects your performance, both personally and professionally. 
  • The experience of ERUPTION demystifies stress and gives you a new ability to thrive in any environment. You will learn to be comfortable in any uncomfortable situation and controlled in times of unrest.

“Don’t be surprised if we’re jumping out of a plane together – and that’s just to get your blood pumping as a warm-up to what I have in store for you…”

-Wylie McGraw / Avid Skydiver

  • You need an outside force that’s equipped to go into the trenches with you and take you beyond your limits. Anything less leaves the proverbial “chips on the table” when it comes to getting the most out of your power and productivity. 
  • By all means, leverage your education and experience, or even explore someone else’s blueprint for success. This will produce results, but inevitably limit what you are truly capable of accomplishing. 
  • The only way to achieve the peace and freedom you’ve worked so hard for is to face yourself without those convenient filters clouding the truth.


I’ve studied alternative medicine, psychology, holistic health, meditation,
quantum physics and metaphysics, ancient martial arts, cellular rejuvenation,
neuroscience, mindfulness, and stress resolution.
And I still do today.

Everything evolves, and it’s crucial to evolve with it.

  • Creator of High-Performance Meditation ™
  • Extensive Study, Organizational Psychology
  • Master Certification, Meditation & Stress Resolution
  • Keynote Speaker for Veteran events US Congress
  • BS, Alternative Medicine
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Master Certification, Energetic Medicine
  • Resource Guest on NPR & NBC for Veterans Affairs



Let’s get out on the course and connect over 18 holes. I’ve been playing since I was 14 and keep the Callaways ready to go at a moment’s notice.


I’m not a frequent drinker, but when I do indulge my go-tos include: The Glenmorangie 18, The Balvenie Doublewood 12, and Aberfeldy 18.


As an avid skydiver, you can also find me in the wind tunnel in various parts of the world training and perfecting my skills.