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The Stark Transformation Show

Accessing the Warrior Within

Wylie kicks things off by talking about his incredible journey from star athlete, to competitive bull rider, to combat infantry soldier. Wylie’s journey allowed him to discover his innate gift of identifying blindspots, erupting stress, and optimizing a leader’s performance. You’ll hear how exactly Wylie shows up for his clients, and he explains how he provides the right environment and framework for high-powered leaders to radically transform by erupting their unresolved stresses. He goes on to address the importance of his work, saying “An unresolved leader distorts the world.” After Amy notes that she wishes everyone was working with Wylie, you’ll learn why there is a need for an outside source to push you to those uncomfortable depths that you’d rather ignore. Listen to the end to hear about why real love means showing up and battling in the trenches together!

In this episode:
  • You’ll learn how the military provided the right environment for Wylie to grow, transform, identify, and develop his innate gifts. [7:05 – 9:06]
  • Understand why you might be seeking relief, but how that won’t actually bring you to the transformation that you’re looking for. [9:28 – 11:57]
  • You’ll hear why there is a real need for vulnerability and surrender when seeking real resolution to your unresolved stress. [25:17 – 26:17]
  • Wylie identifies the warrior gene and how you don’t really know someone until you truly confront them. [33:47 – 35:55]
  • Wylie explains the unconventional methods he used to push a client past his debilitating terror around finances. [41:21 – 43:35]