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Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan

TAP Into Your True Self With Wylie McGraw, Founder Of Radical Performance Acceleration

Join Wylie and Heather for a needle-moving conversation about
what it takes to confidently go outside of your comfort zone, not just talk about it! Learn how Wylie began to cultivate his skill set as an ERUPTOR by working with fellow combat veterans and serving as a needed resource that helped them resolve PTSD, why qualifications for service should be viewed from results…not formal education, the common threads that exist that hold most people back – regardless of what professional path they walk or success level they’ve reached, and why emotions get mistakenly compared to weakness. Wylie shares how he isn’t doing his job if he and his clients aren’t “fighting” each other, as well as how to make positive strides towards unleashing your peak performance and stepping into your fears to ensure you’re on the right path for the life you desire to live.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains what it meant for him to work with combat veterans and why he felt he needed to “fill the gaps” in PTSD resources available to veterans and how that work has evolved over the years. [2:24 – 6:29]
  • How Wylie developed Radical Performance Acceleration coming from a background of professional baseball, bull-riding, and combat service in the US Army. [7:04 – 9:18]
  • Do similar issues exist amongst different people working across various industries and experiencing different situations? [12:38 – 15:56]
  • Are there times when Wylie’s clients want to kill him? [19:29 – 22:12]
  • How giving yourself time to think and reflect can unleash new ideas, eliminate chaos, and introduce potential changes and necessary pivots towards solutions for success. [30:17 – 32:15]

The Tony DUrso Show with Tony DUrso

Radical Performance Acceleration

Wylie pulls up a mic with Tony DUrso for a powerful conversation about Radical Performance Acceleration, uncovering blind spots, and how to gain an elite edge in your life and profession. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover how Wylie first learned to step into his own fears to harness the growth he sought, how Wylie has developed his framework that unleashes leaders into peak performance AND gets them to embrace fears that typically breed inaction, what fuels his purpose to optimize these people, and why battling demons is the most important function of achieving your highest level of success in life. As the back and forth between Tony and Wylie rolls on, they dive into what holds leaders back from handling their biggest issues, how to deal with burnout, and what you’ll learn about yourself when you consistently embrace the fear of the unknown.

In this episode:
  • How did Wylie’s vision evolve into Radical Performance Acceleration and help people achieve high levels of success? [8:41 – 12:48]
  • Why is it important that a professional becomes successful “the right way”? [16:16 – 19:45]
  • The ugly truths that leaders keep locked up. [20:16 – 24:03]
  • What can you do RIGHT NOW to help your business take off? [33:59 – 38:04]
  • Strategies for preventing and overcoming burnout. [39:00 – 45:09]

LIFEOLOGY Radio with James Miller

High-Performance Living with Wylie McGraw

It’s another impactful episode of LIFEOLOGY Radio with James Miller and, in this installment, James connects with Wylie for an in-depth conversation about high-performance living and the best ways to overcome mediocrity. As this discussion unfolds, you’ll be treated to how bull riding helped Wylie tap into areas of himself he didn’t know existed, why you need to look within at your own weaknesses to combat and eradicate stress, how to holistically face what’s holding you back so you can eliminate restraints that keep you limited in your current performance, and why finding a resource that challenges you to erupt and eradicate the demons that breed complacency, will be the ultimate thing you ever do resulting in you becoming the unbelievable version of yourself this world deserves.

In this episode:
  • What helped Wylie recognize he had an innate ability to help others accelerate their careers? [3:21 – 5:10]
  • How Wylie helps others transition to the next level if they’re questioning whether there’s “something more”. [7:25 – 8:56]
  • How to overcome past life experiences that may still be influencing you in a negative way. [8:59 – 10:16]
  • Why transformation takes place in the dark, ugly corners of life. [13:16 – 14:45]
  • Why mindset alone is not enough. [14:49 – 16:38]

Who Knew In The Moment with Phil Friedrich

How to Use Fear For Your Growth

Wylie joins the show to tackle how to use fear as a mechanism that fuels unfettered growth in life and business. Wylie shares how his family tried to live vicariously through him when pushing him towards perfection as a baseball star at a young age, why breaking away from that and gravitating towards bull riding was a wild unknown Wylie knew he had to face, how to know when past traumas are impacting your performance and what it takes to eradicate them, and why so many people get locked into their comfort zone and unconsciously push themselves further away from embracing what they fear. Wylie further explains what it means to “embrace the suck” and what it will do to stretch your capacity, the impact limitations found within the human condition have on personal growth and evolution, and why discernment is the game-changing skill that will lead to uncommon, elite levels of performance and results.

In this episode:
  • How to balance having an outlet for minimizing stress versus knowing when it’s time to eradicate stresses that hold you back. [6:55 – 10:13]
  • Actions you need to take to alleviate complacency and break out of your comfort zone. [14:15 – 16:41]
  • How Wylie gets beyond people’s self-limiting beliefs and overcoming the limitations of the human condition. [23:07 – 27:34]
  • The best way to find the root of your issues so you can begin the eradication process. [27:47 – 30:21]
  • Why Wylie considers himself an eruptor and demon slayer. [34:46 – 36:35]

Unleash Your Greatness Within with TJ Hoisington

Create Your Best Life Motivation

Wylie is taking TJ for a deep dive into the role fear plays in our lives, what motivates leaders to build the best versions of themselves, and, as the title of the show suggests, how to unleash your greatness within. You’ll discover what can happen if you set rigid expectations for your children that aren’t of their design, the positive power of fear, why negative scenarios and how you come through them are the greatest character builders you’ll ever experience, and why feelings of comfort will create a false sense of growth when, in reality, the real demons have yet to be conquered. You’ll also hear what happens when true eruption takes place in your life, understanding your capacity and what you need to do to challenge and ultimately stretch it, and why avoiding something uncomfortable saps more mental and emotional energy than simply confronting it so you can expand beyond it.

In this episode:
  • The power of making a “true decision” and how it can impact the course of your life. [7:01 – 10:32]
  • Why fear itself is an inherent part of being human and why you can NEVER fully get rid of it. [16:23 – 18:23]
  • The impact “embracing the suck” and recognizing that pain is a teacher, not a threat will have on your life. [26:28 – 27:53]
  • Learn how to respond, not react. [32:34 – 35:44]
  • Why true growth only comes from understanding yourself. [36:39 – 42:09]

Mission Matters Podcast with Adam Torres

Becoming an Elite Performer in Life

Wylie joins host Adam Torres for an impactful conversation about elite performance. In this discussion, Wylie shares ideas about slaying the demons of powerful leaders and public figures so they achieve balance in life and a more positive impact and why sweeping past, negative experiences under the rug stunts personal growth and evolution. He further explains what understanding your own personal capacities means and what you need to do to stretch beyond them, and how to calibrate your focus for optimum results on a daily basis. Lastly, Adam and Wylie briefly touch on what you’ll learn regarding high-performance living when you listen to Wylie’s podcast, Wise Words & Whisky with Wylie McGraw.

In this episode:
  • Learn what mission matters to Wylie in the Mission Matters Minute. [1:00 – 2:18]
  • How did Wylie get obsessed with the idea of elite performance? [2:28 – 5:09]
  • Is it possible for ANYONE to get incrementally better and unlock peak performance? [6:09 – 8:13]
  • What are people overlooking when it comes to intentionally bringing elite performance to the forefront? [8:28 – 12:00]
  • An inside look at Wylie’s podcast, Wise Words & Whisky with Wylie McGraw. [12:17 – 16:13]

The Dream Huge Podcast

How to Unf*ck Your Life

Wylie dissects the demons so many people face and what it takes to slay them in an effort to unf*ck your life. You’ll discover an overview of what Wylie’s work and philosophies are all about, how your challenges will demonstrate what you’re capable of accomplishing, why you need the right environments and resources to truly get unf*cked, why money isn’t the driving force preventing people from making significant changes in their lives, and how social media leaders are perpetuating dysfunction in today’s society and why no one wants to do anything about it. As this impactful collaboration rolls on, the conversation shifts to why it takes a special kind of person to welcome unf*cking into their life and why Wylie’s Radical Performance Acceleration cannot be taught by anyone else.

In this episode:
  • Why Wylie isn’t like Tony Robbins. [2:41 – 6:38]
  • What prevents someone from taking the steps towards unf*cking their life? [11:36 – 14:07]
  • The reason so many people fear being broken down so they can be built back up. [16:15 – 18:44]
  • Why the experience Wylie gives within Radical Performance Acceleration cannot be administered by anyone else. [22:52 – 25:25]
  • The reason Wylie’s work is specialized, tailored, and has been labeled as “special ops”. [25:33 – 27:07]

Steal From The Best with Brad & Andrew

Founder of Radical Performance Acceleration - Former Star Pitcher, Competitive Bull Rider and 3-Tour Combat Veteran

Wylie has a needle-moving conversation about his ability to expose blind spots, erupt and eradicate stress, and unleash the untapped potential of high achievers! You’ll hear insights and commentary about what it means to achieve success in today’s constantly-evolving world, as well as how to appreciate the inevitable battle of success vs. failure you’ll inevitably experience in your life, and the critical role failure can play for growth if you treat it respectfully. Wylie shares his thoughts on the importance of being mentally and physically prepared for your endeavors, how trying to emulate someone else’s disciplined routine can lead to failure and burnout, why you need to tap into what works best for you and the goals you want to accomplish if you’re going to reach levels of peak performance in all aspects of your life, and not letting external forces impact the embodiment of who you truly are.

In this episode:
  • How Wylie embraced fear and mentally prepared for the bull riding experiences he faced. [8:47 – 10:36]
  • Can you “learn” to have courage or is it something that’s part of your DNA? [10:37 – 13:43]
  • A deeper look at the importance of physical and mental preparation for entrepreneurs and professionals. [18:04 – 22:19]
  • Why the corporate world needs to embrace traits of discipline and leadership seen in military settings. [30:15 – 32:44]
  • Wylie explains the history behind his “Unfuck Your Life” mantra. [42:21 – 47:40]

The 7 Hats Podcast

Face Your Demons and Fuel Your Freedom with Wylie McGraw

Wylie is center stage bringing his insights on radical performance acceleration, facing and embracing fear, and unleashing peak performance to fuel freedom to those in power. Wylie begins at his early childhood when, as a 3-year-old, it was predetermined he needed to be groomed for professional baseball. This ultimately put Wylie on a path of rebellion and self-discovery as he broke away from the course chosen for him to experience professional bull riding, years in the military, and his current crusade of optimizing powerful leaders by conquering the demons that prevent their full potential from being actualized. Wylie shares the importance of letting go of control and focusing on just being present in the current situation, why the definition of success and achievement in today’s world is flawed, why your “mess” SHOULD NOT be your message, contrary to popular belief, and why ‘fake it util you make it’ is garbage advice.

In this episode:
  • Yuval presents the metaphor that the “bull” Wylie rode represents life…what lessons did Wylie learn as the chute gate swings open? [16:02 – 20:23]
  • Why so many people try to fix the symptoms and never address a problem at its core? [32:02 – 36:02]
  • Wylie shares the initial challenges he faced entering the entrepreneurial space and getting his company off the ground. [37:01 – 40:44]
  • Why ‘fake it util you make it’ is garbage advice! “If you tell someone to fake it to make it, you don’t care about them. You care about their payment.” [40:55 – 42:44]
  • What is Wylie’s definition of stress and how has he seen it impact the people he works with? [46:36 – 53:32]

Let's Talk Legacy with Gary Michaels

Radical Performance Acceleration with Wylie McGraw

Listen to a powerful conversation centered on radical performance acceleration. Wylie shares intimate details about the impact baseball had on him as a child and the rigors of intense focus on constant training and evolution, as well as the mindset he developed as he ventured into the world of professional bull riding. Wylie also shares his perspectives on scenarios we avoid because we’re programmed to avoid what we fear, how we tend to overthink things and go through life imbalanced, how the military instilled the ability for Wylie to manage calm during chaos, and why even the most successful people in the world need to face their fears head on in order to tap into the REAL performance potential they have inside.

In this episode:
  • Wylie breaks down the role sports played in his childhood and some of the rookie mistakes he experienced – which ultimately shaped the course of his life. [1:27 – 4:15]
  • The real truth fear plays in our lives and how you need to handle it. [8:02 – 9:25]
  • The challenge the military presented to Wylie and how it allowed him to experience a new version of himself. [11:02 – 12:42]
  • Wylie’s strategy for exposing and eliminating blind spots, as well as erupting and eradicating stress of powerful people. [12:43 – 15:20]
  • Why chasing peak performance instead of mastering it impacts your ability to build a legacy. [20:54 – 22:32]

A Little Impolite with Deevo & Lisa

UNF*CK YOUR LIFE with Wylie McGraw

Are you ready to unf*ck your life?! Wylie is back for a candid conversation about getting enticed by the excitement of the unknown, yielding to the fears those unknowns produce…and doing it anyway! Throughout this episode, you’ll discover why so many people are living a life of imbalance – sacrificing health and relationships to chase down the money and notoriety modern society defines as “success”. You’ll also learn that depression is an emotion, but becomes a disease when you don’t understand what it is and why it’s showing up in your life, why love itself doesn’t change the world, how you can never expect optimal performance if you don’t emphasize the value of your health, and the simple fact that you can never eliminate fear from your life…but you can find practical ways to use it to your advantage!

In this episode:
  • How to avoid disconnecting when niching down and challenging yourself…without having to ride a bull. [10:16 – 15:41]
  • Discover how Wylie helps a high-performing CEO and takes a different approach to optimization than the mentors and coaches of the world. [18:29 – 23:22]
  • The reason uncomfortable situations and facing fear head on is the only way to produce real change. [27:25 – 30:47]
  • A in-depth look at Wylie’s first bull ride, how it changed him inside, and why it was the harnessing of emotions in that moment that fueled that change. [31:21 – 34:04]
  • How do you surrender yourself to the experiences that reveal the truth that transforms you? [39:44 – 44:11]

Closing the Gap with Denise Cooper

How Do I Achieve Work-Life Integration?

Wylie joins host Denise Cooper to share his background, life-changing experiences, and why the term “work-life balance” can lead to increased feelings of uncertainty and conflict in your life. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover why your best teachers are your life experiences – if you allow them to be, why your growth is limited because you don’t value the chaotic moments that unfold in your life as much as you should, and why you can never undervalue someone – or something – who challenges your comfort level in an effort to force real, radical change. In addition, Wylie shares strategies for managing inner-volatility and why it’s a subject that’s not taught on a broader scale, why you need to lean into things that present challenge and flat-out scare you, and why society’s version of success will stifle any hopes of meaningful growth, should you subscribe to it.

In this episode:
  • How did Wylie go from a person who strived for high performance himself to someone who optimizes others to achieve the very same thing? [5:21 – 9:02]
  • How does someone know the difference between real fear that can aid their growth versus an inconsequential “gut feeling”? [12:22 – 15:42]
  • Where does someone seeking high performance begin and why does the term “work-life balance” create conflicting contrast? [20:32 – 25:22]
  • Why we’re afraid of real, healthy confrontation. [26:09 – 29:13]
  • Why more employees need to confront and challenge their leaders to change systems and stop the cycle of shortcomings from unfolding. [33:40 – 35:15]


Elite Founder Accelerates CEO's Performance Both Personally and Professionally

Wylie shares the microphone with Gresham for a radical conversation about the framework he uses that gives leaders the necessary containment to excel in their lives, both personally and professionally. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover why leaders often find themselves limited and stuck in neutral, constantly trying to grind things out daily in an effort to figure out what’s next, as well as why many leaders experience chaos behind closed doors no matter how organized or even-keeled things seem on the surface. You’ll also learn why chasing the money and notoriety metric is a fool’s errand that will never define success, the reason mindset alone is not the driving force towards unleashing all of your potential, and when you’ll TRULY know you’re existing outside of your comfort zone.

In this episode:
  • A behind-the-scenes look at Wylie’s CEO story. [1:35 – 4:31]
  • How Wylie’s past experiences and self-awareness allows his clients to maintain focus when things get chaotic. [4:32 – 10:24]
  • What makes Wylie feel more effective and efficient? [10:25 – 12:01]
  • In order to grow your “muscle,” you can’t do the same thing over and over…you have to challenge it. [12:02 – 14:00]
  • What does being a CEO mean to Wylie? [14:02 – 14:56]

Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Unleash Your Peak Performance True Potential

Wylie joins forces with host Jeremy Ryan Slate for an in-depth look at the true mindset of leaders, and the problems they face that limit them. Wylie and Jeremy discuss why high performance needs to be measured not just by accomplishments, but by how well someone is living their life. Additionally, we learn that the problems people face often share one major commonality, and why the best leaders “practice how they play.” Wylie continues by pointing out the importance of doing the simplest things to the best of your ability because those actions impact how you then handle the most difficult activities and experiences you face in life.

In this episode:
  • Wylie grew up in a staunch sports household, but later made the hard decision to go after something “grittier”. [7:43 – 9:13]
  • Discovering scenarios and environments that challenge and forge you into who you’re meant to be. [9:27 – 10:51]
  • Why high performance is an ethical standard that cannot be presented to the world as a caricature and high performers must be self-starters if they want to attain peak performance. [11:53 – 14:34]
  • Leaders make everything and everyone around them better when they’ve unleashed their own full potential and live by the standards they project in public. [18:00 – 20:21]
  • Once you’ve handled yourself and the issues that hold you back, what’s the best way to approach leadership? [23:19 – 27:36]

The Steve Jordan Experience

Unleashing the Hidden Potential in All Leaders

In this podcast, Steve and Wylie delve into and break down the mechanisms and assumptions that cause high achievers to unwittingly limit their own performance. Wylie touches on the core theme right off the bat: superficiality and the hidden fear of “losing face”. By avoiding uncomfortable situations, people have unlearned a crucial skill for a good life: to roll with the punches. Wylie further expounds that as you learn to yield to fear rather than try to control or overcome it, you’ll inevitably regain the power to react properly to whatever stimuli come your way. He also reveals that these same issues plague a majority of his high-powered clients. Their compulsion to succeed at all costs consequently blinds them from seeing the deeper stresses that are filtering their perceptions and restricting their potential – focusing on a label like “success” rather than the one thing that will unleash and accelerate their performance: Mastering the self.

In this episode:
  • Wylie talks about his background in sports and the military and how changing your environment will positively shift your perspective. [11:50 – 22:33]
  • How “getting into the zone” is not an event but a natural outcome of a sustainable lifestyle. [25:50 – 29:01]
  • Discernment is a weak skill: knowing who’s confident in service to others versus self-serving confidence. And what high-achievers must do to master it before they can trust their gut. [33:56 – 37:10]
  • Wylie explains that only a holistic approach will help you accelerate your performance, and it all starts with facing the discomforts within. [41:03 – 46:44]
  • Increase your capacity by accepting and experiencing who you are instead of trying to be someone or somewhere else. [47:50 – 50:21]

The Success Journey Show

Accelerating Human Performance

Recount Wylie’s past and how the path he chose led him into the world of self-mastery and delivered him the framework for the radical work he does with leaders today. Hear why you must consistently evaluate whether you’re showing up as the best version of yourself if you seek to unleash all your potential. Also learn the simple fact that rigidity in your life stems from fears you’re unwilling to face, and so much more. Wylie further explains why focus and discernment are the most valuable skills severely lacking in society today and why many people struggle to maintain focus when they’re pressed. Wylie lays out why you need to fully embrace the fear of the unknown, and by doing so you unequivocally transform and experience a more optimal life.

In this episode:
  • Wylie talks about what it was like to tell his father he was shifting away from playing baseball to attack new challenges and the impact that decision had on his life. [15:34 – 20:22]
  • Why did Wylie join the military, what leadership skills did that experience foster, and how did those skills translate to life after his military tours were complete? [22:56 – 29:18]
  • Coming from serving in the military, how did Wylie transition to dealing with “civilian problems?” [29:49 – 36:09]
  • How can leaders pause and evaluate if they’re showing up as the best version of themselves and whether they’re on the right track to unleashing peak performance? [44:27 – 48:46]
  • Wylie shares the chaos that’s happening behind the scenes with leaders he’s worked with and why the nature of his work requires privacy and anonymity. [57:23 – 58:53]
Tony Whatley

365 Driven with Tony Whatley

Real Success Isn't About Money

Learn how to harness fear and use it to your advantage instead of a seeing it as a detriment that holds you back. Discover that success isn’t about building a massive empire or accumulating wealth, but simply being at peace with yourself when your head hits the pillow at night, knowing you faced down difficult challenges in your day. Things get heated as Tony and Wylie discuss the ‘hustle and grind’ culture and why it’s doing more harm than good in the entrepreneurial space. Despite what you may see and hear on your favorite social media platform, running a business isn’t just about churning out 18-hour days doing activities that don’t move the needle. It’s about focusing on what will put you in the right place to experience real, sustainable results. As Wylie says, if you’re not doing what you love and you’re just doing “whatever it takes,” you’re sacrificing inappropriately and limiting your potential…and that will ruin everything from health, relationships, and mindset.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains how one brief stare from a bull changed him forever. [6:15 – 7:53]
  • How do you overcome the fear of uncertainty when always searching for the steady and reliable course? [8:36 – 10:41]
  • Do the majority of people have the potential to operate at their best and be elite in their own lives? [24:16 – 26:38]
  • The impact of toxic entrepreneurial advice found on social media and why emphasizing the negatives will lead to nothing but more negatives. [32:45 – 36:36]
  • Why you don’t need to be making 6-7 figures to focus on your health, relationships, peace of mind, and sanity. [41:52 – 43:45]

The Lucas Rockwood Show

Finding Peak Performance

Listen to Wylie as he throws down on the critical aspects of what it takes to show up consistently as the best version of yourself, and the reasons why so many people struggle with accomplishing real change in the arenas of personal growth and development. Plus, learn why we spend so much time deflecting issues we face versus accepting the reality of our situations, and much more. Wylie provides a practical explanation of performance and why you need to keep it focused on YOUR efforts…not what others around you are doing or what society defines as peak performance. And guess what? It’s OK to be on top of your game one day and feel depressed the next! Wylie details how so many people get lost and confused by the complexity and fluidity of human nature and explains why you don’t have to be turned on 24/7/365.

In this episode:
  • Wylie shares his biggest takeaways and what he utilizes the most from his military and bull riding experience. [2:00 – 8:41]
  • How to tap into peak performance even if you’re not on track to reach monumental accomplishments like people you emulate and idolize. [12:03 – 15:19]
  • Deflection vs. Acceptance: what do these two ideals mean and how do they juxtapose? [18:27 – 21:00]
  • If the “carrot” is peak performance, what is the “stick?” [27:23 – 29:36]
  • Wylie shares the “non-negotiables” he has when helping leaders achieve peak performance. [29:37 – 32:25]

The Art of Improvement with Karen Clauss

Interview with Wylie McGraw

Today, Wylie shares the mic with host Karen Clauss to discuss how he’s grown his brand and how his past experiences helped him discover his superpower of being able to expose blind spots, erupt and eradicate stress, and fully unleash the untapped potential of high achievers. Wylie takes a deep dive into why the mindset of consistently performing at peak levels is wildly lacking in today’s world, especially with those at the top. He goes further in explaining why humans tend to chalk up bad experiences as negatives and negatives only…never searching for the value within those bad experiences to uncover opportunities for growth and change. As the conversation rolls on, Wylie discusses why leaders constantly point the finger at situations that go wrong versus pointing it at themselves and, when they finally do face the truth, they reach a critical point with their limitations and realize it’s time to drastically shift their approach to life and business.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains some of the experiences in his past that created the person he is today, what pushed him to accelerate and be at the top of his game, and why that type of mindset is a rarity in today’s world. [4:54 – 8:15]
  • Discover Wylie’s ideal client and the type of leaders he’s helped reach peak acceleration throughout his career. [11:10 – 13:00]
  • Wylie explains why certain public figures and industry leaders have been intimidated by the work he does because it’s such a radical shift beyond their comfort levels. [14:09 – 17:09]
  • When do people finally reach the point where they relinquish control and say, “I can’t take it anymore! I have to figure why I don’t feel good about what I’m doing” [17:11 – 19:47]
  • Why constantly telling yourself “Never give up!” “Never quit!” may actually be a hinderance to your mindset. [19:49 – 21:54]

The Super Human Life

Accelerate High Performance & Become ELITE

Wylie joins host Frank Rich for a game-changing conversation about achieving high levels of performance, becoming elite, and some of the broken practices found in coaching circles today. Throughout this episode, Wylie discusses the differences between high achievers and high performers and how we emulate people for all the wrong reasons. Instead of putting someone on a pedestal for making money or reaching a certain level of fame, why don’t we celebrate someone who seeks balanced relationships, optimized health, freedom, peace, focus, integrity, and high standards in their life? Why can’t those ideals take center stage while money and innovation become byproducts to balance and sanctity? Wylie shares his viewpoints on elements of the coaching world being broken and how too many coaches chase this profession because they’ve read some books while having no real world experience that can help someone else discover breakthroughs and true transformation in a dynamic way.

In this episode:
  • Discover Wylie’s thought process and mindset shift from bull riding to military combat. [11:14 – 14:00]
  • Is it necessary to get to a point of being absolutely fed up with the current version of yourself in order to step into a place of accelerated growth? [17:16 – 20:43]
  • What’s the difference between a high achiever and a high performer and why don’t we celebrate someone who seeks balance, health, integrity, and high standards first and foremost? [22:07 – 24:49]
  • Does everyone have the ability to be elite at something and do we all hold a superpower we need to unlock? [25:26 – 28:12]
  • Wylie shares his insights on the major gaps in the coaching world today and why he’s been identified as a Performance Accelerator due to his ability to effectively erupt and eradicate stress in leaders. [34:14 – 38:27]

LIVE THE FUEL with Scott Mulvaney

Erupt and FUEL Up with Wylie McGraw

Today is a down-and-dirty conversation about the subjects of mindset and vulnerability, battling emotions and letting them work for us, and how many leaders are compensating instead of optimizing. Wylie shares how he leaves “no stone unturned” with the leaders he works with to optimize them into radical growth. His practices have been recognized as the “Navy SEAL equivalent” to high performance and leadership development because he integrates into their lives and pushes leaders further and deeper than most resources are willing to go. Wylie shares his insights on mindset and why humans have a hair trigger response to push back against a challenge they cannot control, as well as how we get so wrapped up in our own heads that we disconnect from the rest of who we are. Wylie and Scott also dive deep into vulnerability and why you only truly know someone when you fight them, reaching the real them in their most vulnerable state.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains why we are all at different capacity levels in our lives and why it’s important to pinpoint those capacities and stretch beyond those limitations. [9:01 – 10:23]
  • Defining guilt and understanding that peak performance doesn’t stop. It’s a state of being. [12:13 – 13:58]
  • How can you let negative emotions in and use them as a stepping stone to carry you to the next positive step? [38:40 – 40:28]
  • Why are we chasing fame and grinding as hard as possible thinking we can deal with trauma and stress later instead of reverse engineering the thought process and approach, addressing the real issues first in an effort to achieve an optimal state of being? [48:01 – 49:29]
  • Why hiring “yes men” will keep you just comfortable enough in your current state, but never truly guide you to tangible rewards. [1:02:27 – 1:03:59]

The Greg Krino Show

Army Combat Veteran, Bull Rider, Performance Accelerator: Wylie McGraw

Wylie shares his holistic approach to unlocking peak levels of performance. Both Wylie and Greg are military veterans and share many experiences they both faced in various stages of combat. Wylie discusses how his current work began with other combat veterans suffering from PTSD after their military experience and how traditional coping mechanisms like therapy, prescription drugs, and other approaches simply weren’t helping veterans get beyond the stress. Wylie was able to tap into the inner stress that was keeping these veterans confined and, because of his own experience in the trenches, was able to help these veterans move into a life of peace without PTSD. Wylie shares his thoughts on the marketing hype that’s tied to transformation, performance, and being “your best” and how people get caught up in that hype and what it takes to avoid this trap.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains common threads he discovered working with combat veterans who were having trouble with PTSD and getting to a place of optimization in their life. [9:15 – 11:12]
  • The right environments will give you more insight into who you are, more access to your power and potential, and help you relate to certain scenarios. [16:13 – 18:44]
  • Wylie breaks down the shock value of throwing a client out of an airplane and the marketing hype and dramatization found in transformation and personal development today. [19:27 – 22:24]
  • Why do we approach our lives from a compartmentalized, “check the boxes” mindset? [30:25 – 34:50
  • Wylie shares a great analogy about the fear people are facing when merging into heavy traffic and the erratic behavior that ensues and how that compares to people letting fear hold them back from reaching peak performance and optimal results. [47:28 – 49:05]

The Mindful Experiment Podcast with Dr. Vic Manzo

How to Accelerate Performance

Wylie sits down for a powerful conversation about accelerating performance and creating an environment that allows you to experience success. Throughout this conversation, Wylie explains how most people are afraid to look at themselves for who they are and, instead of pushing to break down self-built barriers, they simply say “I’m good as I am.” In order to grow and become truly optimized, you have to accept that you’re more than just your thinking, your emotions, and what society says you are. You have the ability to make radical change in your life…if you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen! Wylie details how real transformation does not come from knowing how to accomplish every step. To truly transform, you cannot be afraid to confront and embrace the unknown.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains when he found clarity and realized that working through stresses leads to better results than trying to “suck it up” and ignore the issues that hold you back. [10:56 – 15:52]
  • Why the majority of people might think they’re self-aware, but they’re not as aware as they need to be. [17:33 – 20:34]
  • Wylie breaks down why everything is not always a question of perspective. [24:38 – 26:42]
  • How finding balance leads to peak performance and unleashing your full potential. [28:23 – 33:10]
  • When you get uncomfortable, push even further, and say “this is not enough discomfort for me!” When you stretch your capacity, more opportunities will come with less effort. [38:02 – 43:30]

Deep Leadership with Jon Rennie

Performance Acceleration with Wylie McGraw

In this episode, Wylie joins Jon Rennie for an in-depth conversation about performance acceleration and the deep dive leaders need to take within themselves to unleash tangible transformation. Throughout this episode, Wylie explains how every title he uses, including Performance Accelerator, were given to him by former clients who he’s impacted through his holistic framework and strategies that result in optimal perusal and professional performance. “Every leader, every person is different…meaning there is no compartmentalized, cookie-cutter program that will help someone erupt and eradicate the stress that holds them back.” As the conversation continues, Wylie shares why eruption matters and how by not knowing what’s coming, you react from your most vulnerable state, thus leading to unencumbered truth, untapped potential, and unrivaled results.

In this episode:
  • Learn how Wylie’s professional journey of optimizing leaders began by working with combat veterans suffering from PTSD. [7:49 – 9:29]
  • Wylie explains the difference between “help” and “optimize,” as well as what true, holistic transformation really looks like. [11:57 – 17:00]
  • Discover what a professional relationship with Wylie looks like, how he accelerates leaders to total transformation, and how he unleashes the answer to the most critical question a leader can ask themselves. [18:46 -20:10]
  • How do you erupt and eradicate stress? [26:38 – 30:13]
  • Wylie breaks down how he goes “backstage” to fix the chaos leaders aren’t projecting to the world when they’re “on stage.” [35:47 – 39:22]

Rich State of Mind Podcast with Anthane Richie

How To Properly Accelerate Your Performance ft. Wylie McGraw

Wylie discusses the best ways to accelerate and reach peak performance in your world. As you’ll learn (and maybe have even experienced personally), you can create and perform with certain levels of stress in your life, but trying to work with stress versus going beyond it will put you in a non-optimal state that wholly limits what you can/will accomplish. Wylie emphatically calls for an end to the belief that the metric of money and growing a business are the only ways to identify success in today’s society. Many prominent leaders will tell you that sacrificing everything at all costs is the only way to reach your pinnacle and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wylie challenges this belief by asking what qualities we are emulating in leaders, what it takes to experience REAL growth, and why trying to maintain total control over every situation will stop growth in its tracks.

In this episode:
  • How does stress hurt performance and why you need to understand the difference between stresses that support vs. hinder performance. [8:23 – 11:57]
  • Wylie explains how to experience greater satisfaction from the success you find and how to quantifiably determine whether you have what you want in your life. [13:46 – 17:14]
  • How Wylie helps leaders eliminate the personal and professional fears of the unknown. Does fear create blind spots or is fear a blind spot itself? [20:16 – 25:03]
  • Wylie tackles the issue of leaders accepting lower quality methods to achieve growth and where the need to understand how everything works stems from. [30:01 – 31:14]
  • What are the ugly truths that leaders keep locked up? [34:37 – 37:37]

The Chris Voss Show

Wylie McGraw, Performance Accelerator & Leadership Strategist

Wylie discusses how he created his company and game-changing approach because he saw major gaps in today’s leadership resources. Given humans are pre-conditioned to find the path of least resistance, we need an outside force to help us achieve beyond our perceived limitations. Without that guidance, we will find ourselves feeling as if we’re making progress, but ultimately remaining stuck in a rut, succumbing to issues we’ve been battling. Throughout this episode, Wylie explains why being present is vital to reaching peak levels of performance, as well as how life improves when we simplify. Many people overcomplicate things by telling themselves their “super busy” and “overwhelmed,” as society has defined these as staples of success. Wylie explains, with some simple adjustments anyone can eliminate the chaos they have become accustomed to.

In this episode:
  • Hear Wylie’s origin story and what led to his work as a Performance Accelerator. [3:49 – 6:41]
  • Wylie explains why leaders need external help from coaches, advisors, and accelerators to stretch them beyond their preconceived limitations. [11:04 – 13:00]
  • “The best way to eat the elephant is one bite at a time.” Society teaches you that you need to grind, push, and eat the elephant all at once. Wylie believes it’s better to become the best version of yourself so you can experience the ease of eating the elephant one bite at a time. [16:15 – 16:58]
  • How is a Performance Accelerator different than a coach and what does Wylie do differently that stands out from what a traditional coach will do? [23:41 – 27:24]
  • Wylie addresses the blind spots that leaders have and why so many of them attempt to sweep those blind spots under the rug instead of facing them head on. [32:33 – 34:19]

Becoming Titans with Russ Yeager

Go Far Beyond Your Limits with Wylie McGraw

Wylie joins host Russ Yeager for a powerful conversation about finding balance and how it leads to reaching peak levels of growth and optimization. Balance is the most important weapon in a leader’s arsenal. Utilize it and your ability to reach peak levels of performance becomes a reality. Ignore it and situations in your professional and personal life will inevitably unravel and leave you searching for ways to regain control. Throughout this episode, Wylie explains how optimizing health fuels mindset, focus, emotions, and your ability to achieve beyond your limitations, as well as why taking time away from your business to recharge will decrease chances of burnout and strengthen creativity in the long haul. As the conversation concludes, Wylie likens some of his past combat experiences to what he encounters working with leaders today and how those past situations play a key role in his approach.

In this episode:
  • Wylie describes how he achieves without stress and operates from a place of balance each and every day. [3:48 – 5:55]
  • Discover how balance not only allows for time away from your business to recharge and spend time with the people most important to you, but also helps you perform better in your business day-to-day. [6:33 – 7:15]
  • Wylie explains why health should be the #1 focus for entrepreneurs and leaders striving for success in their business and how optimizing health fuels your focus, mindset, and emotions. [7:27 – 8:39]
  • Wylie drops a major tip you can emulate if you’re currently feeling stressed and burned out. [16:01 – 17:54]
  • If Wylie could give his 20-year-old self-one piece of advice, what would it be? [21:20 – 22:04]

The One Big Tip Podcast

Don’t Accumulate, Optimize: Accelerating Your Professional and Personal Performance

Wylie dives into the importance of self-mastery and how many of the training programs on the market today don’t do enough (if anything) to address this critical factor. A motivational speaker like Tony Robbins can project a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and energy, but how much of it can you integrate into your life? Yes, some of that information is useful. But, as Wylie explains, up-leveling takes place behind closed doors and in dark corners. You can invest millions of dollars into self-education, but if you do it in lieu of tackling the real issues that are preventing your ascension to your next level, all you do is accumulate knowledge and rob yourself of true growth and optimization. Wylie states why personalized frameworks are a necessity and how conventional resources will make you feel great, but ultimately keep you stuck where you are today.

In this episode:
  • Wylie details how he discovered self-mastery in combat situations and how that self-mastery translates to the optimized state of being he operates from today. [5:57 – 10:39]
  • How Wylie optimizes leaders lives and performance instead of them investing millions of dollars into education programs and the accumulation of massive amounts of knowledge that doesn’t get utilized or address the real issues that actually prevent optimization from occurring. [12:20 – 16:11]
  • Wylie describes how to get the most from the energy motivational speakers impart and, more importantly, how real transformation does not come from that energy, but from your willingness to get destructive and truly eradicate the mindsets that restrains you from achieving optimal success. [17:21 – 21:13]
  • Wylie believes the strategy of utilizing resources that don’t transform you is one of the biggest reasons leadership approaches are skewed today. [22:41 – 24:36]
  • Wylie breaks down why you need a framework that’s customized to who you are, not a cookie cutter program that puts you in a position where you’re not creating from who you are. [24:48 – 25:18]

Morning Fire For Entrepreneurs with Jeff Wickersham

You Can't Circumvent or Hack Your Way to Success

In today’s business world, optimal results are highly marketed and presented to us as easy to achieve “if you just follow a specific blueprint.” Throughout this conversation, Wylie explains why this approach is broken and limited, and how real, tangible results can only be achieved through self-mastery, transforming stress into an asset, and facing the demons of your past head on to eradicate them from your psyche. Once you deal with these unresolved issues, only then will you be able to operate as the best version of yourself. Wylie also demonstrates the principle of “if it doesn’t scare you, it won’t change you” and how embracing the discomfort certain situations present is the only way you can experience meaningful growth.

In this episode:
  • What habits and routines does Wylie participate in as soon as he wakes up to put him on a path to success for the day? [2:40 – 4:28]
  • Discover more about Wylie’s background and how his evolution led to his work as a Performance Accelerator today. [4:58 – 8:26]
  • Wylie explains why there is absolutely no way to circumvent or hack your way to greater wealth, impact, and performance. [9:12 – 12:38]
  • How to transform stress into an asset that helps you reach peak levels of performance and optimization. [12:58 – 16:04]
  • Wylie breaks down why conventional resources and pre-conditioned means of learning will never allow you to elevate to optimal levels of performance. [16:30 – 19:27]

Elevate Business Podcast

Unleashing Inner Power with Wylie McGraw

Wylie joins hosts Ange MacCabe and Scott Rust for an in-depth conversation about unleashing your inner power and discovering true self-mastery in your practices. Throughout this episode, you’ll hear Wylie share his insights on the categories where coaches find themselves and why you need to identify who you are and what you seek to accomplish before you choose an “outside force”. As the conversation continues, Wylie explains some of the common pitfalls experienced by leaders, including their inability to make rational decisions because of blind spots and continued stress from not addressing the real issues holding them back, as well as how they seemingly function from a place of total control when, in reality, everything is chaotic and scattered behind the scenes.

In this episode:
  • Find how bull riding transported Wylie into a holistic world of unknowns where he experienced a range of emotions that made him discover who he truly wanted to be. [3:19 – 3:54]
  • Discover Wylie’s biggest realization when it comes to individual and team performance and what allows us to access more of our potential and overall clarity. [4:58 – 7:01]
  • What does peak performance really mean and how does operating at that optimal state of being impact every facet of your life? [15:14 – 17:10]
  • Wylie explains why a leader with unresolved issues and undetermined blind spots will make rash decisions that impact the entire team, as well as the types of team members that are attracted to that organization. [19:45 – 20:47]
  • Why do leaders continue to experience the same types of stress in their life, despite the fact they feel they’ve built successful businesses and habits in their day-to-day lives? [26:56 – 30:22]

Aww Shift with Anthony Trucks

Shatter Limitations and Experience Optimal Performance

Wylie provides a glimpse at his own evolution and what led him to become the optimizer for leaders across the globe so they accelerate and experience peak levels of performance in all areas of life. He provides very practical reasons why you should absorb and apply his message to your daily practices so you can achieve far beyond the limitations that have held you back your entire life. As the conversation continues, Wylie gives his thoughts on the current state of leadership today and why most leaders are doing more harm than good with the impact they make on the world. You’ll also learn how Wylie’s business framework eradicates excuses and will guide you to optimal levels of performance in a dynamic, accelerated manner so you can flourish in your leadership role at a much faster, more abundant rate.

In this episode:
  • Wylie shares his story of how he evolved from a baseball player, bull rider, and combat veteran to discover his purpose – to unleash high performance in leaders and help them shatter their limitations and achieve optimal levels of success. [2:31 – 5:38]
  • Discover why people are pre-conditioned to find the path of least resistance and overlook experiences from their past that end up having a significant negative impact on their lives today. [6:11 – 7:18]
  • Wylie explains the role mindset plays in overcoming radical, unconventional challenges and why high-achieving leaders and performers operate on a different level than the masses. [9:41 – 11:03]
  • Learn that when something feels highly uncomfortable regarding your personal growth, you need to step towards it, not away from it. Step towards what’s uncomfortable and don’t let excuses stunt your growth. [13:18 – 14:29]
  • Wylie explains why leadership has been causing more detriment in our world today instead of benefit, and why leaders need to lead from a place of balance. [15:19 – 16:28]

Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas

“Get Unfucked” & Learn to Perform At Your Peak with Wylie McGraw

Today with John Lee Dumas, Wylie reveals the true definition of peak performance and why it’s a state that has to be attained, not a destination that can be achieved. When you step into the unknown and reach the pinnacle of peak performance from a fully optimized state of mind, you increase your ability to achieve results exponentially. As the conversation continues, you’ll learn why Wylie feels most coaching and consulting programs deliver counterproductive results and keep you grinding on a never ending quest for growth and achievement. Discover the five characteristics you need to embrace to attain peak performance in your world, what it truly means to get “unfucked,” and what peak performance looks like when it’s hard at work.

In this episode:
  • Wylie reveals a belief about becoming successful that most people disagree with. [1:42 – 2:44].
  • Wylie shares his definition of peak performance, why it cannot be defined by compartmentalized thinking, and why peak performance is a state of being that’s exclusive to you. [2:57 – 4:24].
  • Discover why many coaching and consulting programs are highly unproductive and lead to hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on personal development every single year. [4:25 – 6:17].
  • Wylie details the five critical characteristics leaders have to embrace if they’re going to attain peak performance. [11:46 – 15:25].
  • You’ll learn what peak performance looks like in the real world and how leaders can stay at that level once they reach that summit. [15:35 – 17:07].

Every Breath Counts with Ryan Shekell

How to Accelerate Your Leadership Performance with Wylie McGraw

Wylie explains how his past experiences provided a sound leadership framework that’s remained present ever since. He says when you’re able to find value in all the aspects of your past, your true authentic self comes to the surface. You’ll also learn why it’s imperative to detach yourself and stop asking why things are the way they are, thus leading to an enhanced perspective that allows you to lead from a much clearer space. Wylie also dives into the state of imbalance so many people live in with their personal and professional lives. Most people approach these two segments completely backwards, making the achievement of balance, happiness, and optimal success impossible to reach. Discover the role consequences play in your decision-making processes, blind spots that exist in leadership practices, and how to build a foundation that allows you to bring true leadership potential to life.

In this episode:
  • Wylie and Ryan play an alternative version of Date/Marry/Kill featuring three of the biggest experiences of Wylie’s life – playing baseball, bull riding, and military combat. [3:10 – 6:23]
  • Discover what Wylie learned in the military that translated in a major way to helping leaders achieve peak performance today. [7:42 – 10:56]
  • Find out why Wylie believes in the importance of proceeding with an aligned purpose and clear-cut mission and how not focusing on these factors leads to imbalances. [23:22 – 27:07]
  • Learn why it’s imperative to break the mindset of scaling for scaling’s sake and adhering to the “learn and copy” method. [43:24 – 45:46]
  • Wylie tells how he ensures the leaders he works with stay authentic as they reach new, never-experienced levels of success. [49:11 – 51:32]

Entrepreneurs United Podcast

Yielding to the FEAR of the UNKNOWN! w/ Wylie McGraw

Wylie dives right in discussing how his early life experiences were a catalyst to searching for more challenges that would stretch and grow his potential. He explains the key difference between a high-achiever and a high-performer, and why optimized performance requires you to look at every aspect of your life. True growth and performance is not about money or notoriety, those are just byproducts. Wylie wraps up the interview by discussing what he wants his legacy to be: the optimization of leaders of influence and power so they can create real impact in the world instead of clouding it with dysfunction.

In this episode:
  • Wylie describes the intuition that he felt that allowed him to move from being a star athlete to embracing the challenge of bull riding. [1:39 – 8:28]
  • John and Rich ask for Wylie’s “formula” but Wylie resists those easy answers and explains that his work is never a step or a formula – it’s a unique and holistic dynamic. [11:22 – 16:44]
  • You’ll learn why we have built self-development to be far too comfortable and why we should be facing discomfort head on. [22:57 – 25:52]
  • Wylie helps us realize that performance is not a quantifiable growth model; it has everything to do with who you are, and your relationship with yourself. [30:15 – 40:34]
  • You’ll get to hear the real reason why Wylie is coming out from the shadows after 13 years of being a secret weapon. [45:45 – 47:28]

CEO on the Go with Gayle Lantz

Going Beyond Your Limits with Wylie McGraw

Gayle shares that she sees Wylie as a man who has pushed his own limits exponentially. Wylie explains that he lives the philosophy that he teaches and stands for being the antithesis of the coaches and consultants who are out there helping people today. Wylie’s work is a relationship that culminates in holistic human performance acceleration for high- level achievers. He says peak performance is attained through real-world challenges and experiences, not just through following steps or protocols. As leadership is failing in many aspects of our society today, Wylie gives one piece of advice for the leaders listening – get out of your head, stop trying to overcontrol, and yield to the unknown to truly achieve the growth and success you desire.

In this episode:
  • Gayle and Wylie talk about the ubiquity of processes, tips, and tricks and why leaders need to throw that out the window. [4:18 – 6:24]
  • You’ll hear why leaders have to escape compartmentalized thinking if they want to truly accelerate their performance. [9:14 – 12:30]
  • Wylie describes how the military is designed to take you to the brink to unleash your potential and how he uses this as a model in his own work. [12:54 – 15:01]
  • You’ll learn why transformation comes from embracing discomfort and challenges instead of seeking relief. [24:28 – 25:30]
  • Wylie explains the importance of intuition, and that your thoughts are not everything you are as a leader. [27:09 – 28:25]

The Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast

The Fulfilled High Achiever- Rewriting the Narrative of Success with Wylie McGraw

Wylie tells us why bull riding was the challenge he needed from the hyper-focused world of pro ball. Being on the back of bulls allowed him to step into the unknown and learn how to yield to his fears. As humans, we’ll never get rid of fear, but Wylie clarifies that once we start to surrender and yield to it, we start to stretch, grow, and discover what we’re really capable of. Chris talks about his own struggles growing up, and Wylie explains that unresolved stresses create undetectable patterns of doubt, fear, and cautiousness that plague most high-achievers today. These stresses are also seen as the suffering that is required to achieve financial success – but Wylie reminds us that making money should only be the byproduct of living an optimized life.

In this episode:
  • Wylie walks us through his journey of self-mastery from his experience as a star athlete, to his time as a combat veteran all the way through building his multiple 7-figure business. [4:46 – 9:50]
  • Chris and Wylie talk about the differences between quantifiable metrics of success in baseball and the real-world challenges found in bull riding. [14:50 – 16:06]
  • You’ll learn why being a high achiever does not necessarily mean that you’re a high performer, and what you can do to optimize your performance. [26:26 – 27:44]
  • Wylie explains the crucial difference between necessary sacrifice and unnecessary sacrifice. [38:40 – 41:35]
  • You’ll hear why the fact that we’ve become accustomed to pain, suffering, and stress is holding us back from real growth and transformation. [48:42 – 50:55]

"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Self-Awareness & Optimized Leadership

Wylie and Glenn chat about the power of discernment and how that optimizes high-powered leaders to face new challenges. Wylie reminds Glenn that in our humanity we feel safer with steps, but to achieve optimization we have to push ourselves past the idea of “how.” Instead, we need to bring in an outside force that can support us in facing our ugly demons that we all regularly hide. You’ll also learn why so many leaders who built their empires on the back of their stress will never truly reach their full potential. Wylie also asks us to reassess what we celebrate as success – not money, not notoriety, but what we should be celebrating is self-mastery. You’ll also hear the secret of why you’ll want to slow down to speed up your results.

In this episode:
  • Wylie describes the extreme environments he pushed himself in, like bull riding and military combat, so he could expand his own capabilities. [3:37 – 5:15]
  • You’ll hear about what Wylie calls “getting high on the concept of change” and how that doesn’t actually create any transformation. [9:24 – 10:55]
  • Wylie explains the relationship between acute stress and chronic stress, and how having the right resource will eradicate them. [19:30 – 22:10]
  • You’ll learn why wearing stress and chaos as a badge of honor only hurts the performance of influential leaders. [30:17 – 37:51]
  • Wylie observes that so many leaders only utilize resources that they can control, and how leaders won’t ever achieve peak potential until they get comfortable in the unknown. [51:25 – 56:12]

Let’s Do Influencing with Corey Poirier

Interview with Wylie McGraw around Peak Performance

Corey delves into asking about the three main eras that shaped Wylie: growing up as a star athlete, transitioning to competitive bull riding, and ultimately joining an elite military unit. Those high-stress environments positioned Wylie to discover his superpower of identifying blind spots that others can’t see. After building a business around his innate talent more than a decade ago, today Wylie accelerates high-achieving leaders to a place of peace, freedom, and optimization. Wylie also speaks about the benefit of pushing yourself into uncomfortable situations. Corey asks about Wylie’s skydiving career and why he becomes more powerful when he’s at his most vulnerable. The point is it’s only in our vulnerability where we can access our fullest potential.

In this episode:
  • You’ll hear about how Wylie learned to overcome his family’s generational trauma that positioned him as a capable scapegoat for their stress. [1:53 – 7:27]
  • Wylie explains why hyper focusing on making money and ignoring everything else in your life will never get you to peak performance. [12:08 – 13:44]
  • Corey and Wylie discuss the importance of pushing yourself into an uncomfortable situation, no matter how small or how significant, to be able to stretch your limits. [19:55 – 20:57]
  • Wylie discusses how his 24/7 relationships with his clients get them to the top of their game. [29:30 – 31:10]
  • You’ll learn how you can navigate your inner volatility powerfully and allow it to no longer affect you. [31:12 – 32:00]

BEING with Patrick Cooke

Optimizing Performance, Blowing Through Blind Spots & Eradicating Stress

After discussing Wylie’s, in Patrick’s words, epic beard, Wylie explains how the lessons he’s learned in active combat have helped shape the philosophy and methods he uses to optimize and accelerate leaders. Patrick was especially captivated by Wylie’s rejection of our society’s obsession with thinking, processes, and step-by-step solutions. Instead, Wylie leads his clients into a state of being unf*cked. Patrick asks Wylie to distill his work into one sentence, and Wylie answers: “An optimized leader evolves and transforms the world; an unresolved one distorts it.”

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains the top lessons he learned from his experience in active combat, including how to stay calm in the midst of chaos and how stress affects performance. [9:47 – 11:15]
  • You’ll learn why Wylie doesn’t help his clients – he optimizes them by unf*cking them. (Plus, he explains why this cannot be done with a coach, or a system, or a step-by-step process). [16:25 -18:38]
  • Wylie explains how we get lost in thinking and become completely disconnected from intuition, gut, and heart, and why this disconnection leads to limited success built on the back of unresolved stress. [23:54 – 25:35]
  • Patrick and Wylie discuss the ugly truth of transformation and how you will never truly transform until you face your unresolved stress with someone else who knows how to push you through it. [39:56 – 41:19]
  • Hear how Wylie’s “worst business model ever” was built entirely around who he is as a person and his own superpowers but why he isn’t that concerned with his own bottom line. [47:00 – 49:22]

Evolution of Brand with Jason Cercone

It’s Time To Unf*ck Your Thinking with Wylie McGraw

Wylie speaks to the battles of his own demons and how he came to understand the importance of stepping fearlessly into the unknown. By being comfortable in the unknown, you can take tactical risks – that keep you winning. Learn what Wylie thinks social media has done to the world and how you can combat impostor syndrome. You’ll also hear about the forgotten, sacred gift we all have – our intuitive mind. Learning to use our intuition and working with a force outside of us is what will ultimately lead us to erupting and eradicating our unresolved stresses that prevent us from performing at our highest levels.

In this episode:
  • Wylie discusses a critical moment when he listened to himself instead of what others told him and it led to a major accomplishment. [1:46 – 3:34]
  • You’ll understand why we are so obsessed with needing to know the HOW of things in order to feel comfortable making a move. [6:24 – 9:29]
  • Wylie explains how the “copy method” makes you believe you’re growing and transforming, but it’s actually keeping you in the same loop and negatively impacting your growth. [15:55 – 21:10]
  • You’ll learn that if you are experiencing impostor syndrome, it means that you care – but it also means that you don’t fully trust your value. [32:26 – 40:09]
  • Wylie tells us that confronting burnout can be difficult because we all have a rigid part of ourselves that we struggle to eliminate – but when you become too rigid, you’ll break. [43:34 – 43:38]

Hiring & Empowering Solutions

Unresolved Chronic Stress and Unoptimized Leaders

Molly was fascinated to learn the differences between someone like Wylie and someone like Tony Robbins, and how Wylie focuses on transformation not transference. Molly works with high-achieving attorneys who are reliant on linear processes, and Wylie helped her address her clients’ dependence by reminding us all about the importance of yielding to the unknown. He then goes into the crucial differences between helping and optimizing leaders. Molly discusses a client she works with who is so exhausted by the grind, so Wylie stresses the importance of being able to slow down enough to get yourself grounded in your emotions, so you can move forward. Finally, Wylie warns high-achievers everywhere about the dangers of chasing relief and emphasizes the goal of resolution.

In this episode:
  • Molly and Wylie talk about how he found his true superpower while in a combat zone overseas. [4:10 – 6:48]
  • Wylie explains the differences between transformation and transference – transference being the high-energy dopamine hit that people tend to feel after attending most mindset coaching events and transformation being a dark, ugly thing that people avoid. [7:18 – 8:52]
  • They discuss society’s issue of disregarding the sacred gift of the intuitive mind, and only value the servant of the logical mind. [26:58 – 28:18]
  • Wylie’s “mic drop” moment is when he explains to Molly why creating a linear, systematic approach to optimizing yourself is 100% limiting your own growth. [26:43 – 29:07]
  • Wylie helps us understand why chasing relief is a never-ending cycle and what you need to do to slow down enough to find resolution. [46:03 – 47:34]

Business, Wealth and Mindset Podcast with Alex Sapala

Erupting Into Your Peak Version

After the world of bull riding and military combat lit a fire inside him, Wylie translated this power into a business where he now optimizes a small number of powerful leaders each year. Wylie states the ugly truth that money and popularity are merely byproducts of action and should not be the only metrics for success. Unresolved leaders chase those first, because they’re operating from limitation. Wylie explains to become resolved and operate from true power, leaders have face down their demons and accept real-world challenges from an outside force. These are the leaders who can then create significant, sustainable change in the world. You’ll also hear why so many leaders in our society are more worried about being right, instead of doing what is right.

In this episode:
  • Wylie explains why growth should never be a linear model and why the hustle and grind can hold you back. [9:34 – 12:07]
  • You’ll learn how you can get to the top of your game right now if you are willing to embrace more than what you think is the truth. [16:05-18:02]
  • Wylie discusses why so many people think they’re transforming by hiring multiple coaches and spending thousands, but they’re really just undergoing transference. [31:46 – 33:23]
  • You’ll hear how Wylie’s experience with Kung Fu has allowed him to adopt the flow of life and reject rigidity. [50:45 – 53:00]
  • Wylie leaves us with the advice that when you can accept that you know nothing, you can learn everything. [1:09:20 – 1:10:39]

The Stark Transformation Show

Accessing the Warrior Within

Wylie kicks things off by talking about his incredible journey from star athlete, to competitive bull rider, to combat infantry soldier. Wylie’s journey allowed him to discover his innate gift of identifying blindspots, erupting stress, and optimizing a leader’s performance. You’ll hear how Wylie shows up for his clients, and he explains how he provides the right environment and framework for high-powered leaders to radically transform by erupting their unresolved stresses. He goes on to address the importance of his work, saying “An unresolved leader distorts the world.” After Amy notes that she wishes everyone was working with Wylie, you’ll learn why there is a need for an outside force to push you to those uncomfortable depths that you’d rather ignore. Listen to the end to hear about why real love means showing up and battling in the trenches together!

In this episode:
  • You’ll learn how the military provided the right environment for Wylie to grow, transform, identify, and develop his innate gifts. [7:05 – 9:06]
  • Understand why you might be seeking relief, but how that won’t actually bring you to the transformation that you’re looking for. [9:28 – 11:57]
  • You’ll hear why there is a real need for vulnerability and surrender when seeking real resolution to your unresolved stress. [25:17 – 26:17]
  • Wylie identifies the warrior gene and how you don’t really know someone until you truly confront them. [33:47 – 35:55]
  • Wylie explains the unconventional methods he used to push a client past his debilitating terror around finances. [41:21 – 43:35]

Happy Brain

Understand Your Emotions Better with This

Wylie explains that having a happy brain means first learning to tactically identify the emotions that you experience. In our fast-paced thinking-centric society, it’s crucial to express yourself in balance. Despite what we teach our children about expressing their emotions and needs, as we grow older that very expression becomes seen as a weakness. Heather asks about the resistance people (particularly men) feel about expressing their emotions. And when she feels frustrated, Heather asks Wylie what she can do to address those feelings of frustration. Wylie recommends that she try to tactically identify if this frustration is from acute or chronic stress, then allow herself to stand in that feeling and get comfortable in the discomfort of it. Simply taking this step will allow clear and healthy solutions to emerge naturally.

In this episode:
  • You’ll learn why men in particular use the ego to circumvent what they’re feeling and how that causes problems in their relationships. [3:55 – 4:44]
  • Wylie and Heather discuss the perils of looking at our society as a combat zone and why feeling your emotions is anything but weak. [5:14 – 6:00]
  • Wylie tells us why so many “successful” people are living in a facade because they’ve tried to “hack” their way to happiness. [6:55 – 7:48]
  • Heather asks Wylie to help her address the chronic frustration in her life – and her response is “I don’t like that answer, but you’re so right.” [12:48 – 13:57]
  • Wylie teaches us the power of being comfortable in discomfort and how that empowers us one step at a time. [15:15 – 15:40]

Minddog TV

Erupt Into Peak Performance & Higher Profit

Matt and Wylie discuss the “one-size-fits-all” approach to peak performance that is advertised by coaches everywhere (and why that never works). Wylie emphasizes that we are dynamic human beings – we weren’t made for cookie-cutter step-by-step programs. Then, Wylie reveals the uncomfortable truth that the empires built on the backs of stress and chaos will never truly bring you to peak performance. Going further, he explains to Matt that despite what you may think, there is absolutely no way to hack your way to optimal performance.

In this episode:
  • You’ll learn why as a society we’ve been rejecting our intuition, and why personal growth and leadership development demands that we reject antiquated thinking of breaking everything in our lives down into simple steps. [18:34 – 19:52]
  • Discover why so many leaders have built their successes on the back of stress, chaos, suffering, and normalized stress – and why that is actually stopping leaders from reaching peak performance. [21:03 – 22:31]
  • Learn how Wylie erupts stress for his clients by bringing it to the surface and what that eruption actually accomplishes. [35:33 – 36:11]
  • We hear what exactly Wylie means when he tells us to “embrace the suck” (and that does not mean just sucking it up!) [49:13 – 50:50]
  • You can listen to the clip that Matt Nappo is going to send to his own stepson so he can apply Wylie’s wisdom to his own life. [52:25 – 53:46]

Reinvention Radio

Reinventing Chronic Stress

Steve really wanted to hear from Wylie about the two types of stress he discovered (acute stress and chronic stress) and how to differentiate between the two. Then, Wylie went in deep to talk about how his life experiences got him to where he is today and exactly how he works with high-achievers to transition them into high-performers. Steve challenges Wylie on a few aspects of his work, and Wylie is happy to explore those challenges with him (including an exploration of Steve’s own ego!)

In this episode:
  • We learn that we have been taught all of our lives to manage acute stress, but we never actually resolve it – leading to the chronic stress that is really what’s holding us back.
  • You’ll hear how Wylie works with high achievers to calibrate where they are and find a pathway to get them to high-performance.
  • Wylie explains that the biggest issue plaguing the people he works with is that they have no clarity about what they actually want – and why this is due to unresolved chronic stress.
  • Steve attempts to get Wylie to lose his sh*t, but Wylie explains that controlling your reaction to stress is the key to resolving it.
  • And finally, Wylie talks about what Elon Musk could actually accomplish if he could resolve his underlying chronic stress!


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