Procrastination in Jesus’ Name: How Some Faith-Based Leaders Misuse God to Block Their Growth

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    My name is Wylie McGraw and I’m not a Coach; I’m a Performance Accelerator.

  • Listen, I have no issue with someone having their own personal beliefs. But using God as a way to circumvent facing all the bs you’d prefer sweep under the rug?
    Yeah, that’s a problem.

    Let me give you an example. A few years back, I had a client - a Texas man named John, a self-professed “man of faith.”

    Man was he resistant to me right out of the gate. You want to know why? Because I was asking him to use a form of meditation I developed to dredge up all the stress and angst impeding his success and dispel it so he could perform at the level he’s expected to within the hedge fund world.

    But let’s be real. He was never really pushing back against a little de-stressing technique. He was fighting against acknowledging himself, all the things he’d done as a consequence that had caused him and his team to walk the line of losing their cushy seven-figure salaries.

    What John was really doing was avoiding the truth, and he was using God to do it. Because “meditation can lead to darkness, and he doesn’t trust that.”

    Give me a break!

    At the end of the day, I know it all stems from fear. But here’s the deal: my presence in someone’s life -including this brief little moment in yours - isn’t just some random occurrence.

    It’s for a reason. It’s to serve a purpose, to help, heal, and connect on whatever level you need right now.

    People always expect God to do all of that, to work in mysterious ways to answer all your questions and soothe your worries. But ask yourself: why would someone special or unique coming into your life not be part of that Divine mystery?

    Makes a lot of sense, right?

    Most people don’t think this way though, and it’s all about ego. End stop.

    The reality is that God isn’t going to ring you up and tell you all the answers you’re seeking.

    God uses people to do that.

    You just need to get over your ego long enough to see it.

    So, when someone offers insights and advice, even ones you might not like the sound of, don’t automatically tune it out.

    And when I inevitably give guidance that doesn’t look, sound, or feel comfortable or what your ego thinks it should be packaged in, for the love of all that is holy, don’t come back with “thanks, but I’ll wait for God to give me…”

    Please, dear God, don’t be John.

    Be receptive. Listen. Lean into your intuition and learn the difference between your ego and actual spiritual guidance. Don’t allow your ego to speak for the divine guidance of your faith or lack thereof.

    Yet, above all, remember that we are figments of God’s creation, not his consultants. He will take care of us in the ways he sees fit.

    Just shut up for a moment and you too can see this happen. It’s only when you do this that you’ll stop allowing religion to restrict your growth and start letting your faith actively fuel positive change.

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